Websites about living in France that I like

Detail from Sunflower Field, © Stanisa Martinovic/Photoxpress

This post lists some websites that include networks, forums and practical information about France for expats or those thinking of moving abroad. Some are specifically aimed at Brits, others are aimed at expats generally.

There are probably loads of sites that I don’t know about, but the listings below are those I find useful. Including them here does not indicate endorsement of the accuracy or suitability of their content. I have included them for:

  • Ease of navigation
  • Usefulness and relevance of information provided
  • Extent of contributions from expats themselves
  • Helpful links to other sites

If you have a particular favourite that’s not listed here, leave a comment below the post and I’ll go and look at it.

I have not included blogs about France. Again, there are masses of them and if you go to A Taste of Garlic, Keith Eckstein has done all the work of reviewing and listing a good selection. He has also kindly reviewed my blog; click here to see his review.

1.     Living France – built around the excellent Living France magazine, but providing a host of information about France, French property, a forum etc. Also links to two other magazines/websites published by Archant – France Magazine and French Property News.

2.     French Entrée  – useful site split into areas of France. Each area sub-site contains a lot of practical information plus moderated articles by expats living locally. Their divisions between areas are a bit odd – why lump together the Tarn and the Aveyron? Or Lot and Quercy – surely Lot is part of Quercy? This is a minor quibble, though.

3.     Expatica  – Dutch-based site in English for expats in selected European countries with a separate site for each country. Provides news, information, interviews with expats (divided into general, advice from entrepreneurs and artists). I have to declare an interest – they are about to publish a couple of my articles.

4.     Expatblog  – aimed at expats of all nationalities. Features members’ blogs, forums and articles written by members.

5.     BritishExpats  – for British expats around the world, including a forum on living in France plus a few articles, mainly about buying or selling property.

6.     Expat Interviews  – encourages expats anywhere to tell their tale by filling in a standard questionnaire and uploading photos. Interviews are sorted by date and by country. And, yes, I have to declare an interest again…I feature in there. No articles (a page for them but nothing in it) or forums.

7.     Expatriates [dot] com – section on France, including classified ads, links, and a bulletin board.

8.     Expatfocus  – country sections with guides to practical issues (health, taxation, etc), property, expat interviews and forums.

Some expat sites are not helpful in my view. There is one in particular, which I feel it would be unfair to name, that has gone downhill recently and I’ve removed it from my blogroll. It’s become a content mill for articles by two particular authors, which don’t contain helpful information.

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    • I’ve been here since 1997, i.e. 14 years. But I am a British citizen and therefore don’t need a visa to live in France, since the UK is part of the European Community. I don’t know the rules for non-EU citizens but to stay longer, if your visa isn’t renewable, you might have to marry a French person!


  1. Hi Stephanie, I love looking at France-related sites and blogs – spend far too much time doing it! Let me know if you find any good ones that aren’t listed.
    Sounds delightful with all those baby animals to cuddle.
    Don’t know what your weather’s like up there but we’ve put the central heating back on this week…
    Bien cordialement, Vanessa


  2. Thanks for that info Vanessa. I wasn’t aware of some of those sites. I’m a junkie for anything any ex-pat related so will be looking all of those up.
    Disappearing here under an ever-growing pile of baby animals at the moment – wonderful, but hard work!
    Amitiés, Stephanie


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