Calling expat (and former expat) writers

Writer’s Abroad anthology now closed to submissions. Thanks to all who submitted a story. Results on the Writers Abroad site. Publication around 20th November 2010.

Are you an expat (or have you been one)? Are you also a writer?

If you answered yes to both these questions, now is your chance to be published in an anthology produced by a group of expat writers in support of National Short Story Week (NSSW).

NSSW is taking place between 22nd and 28th November 2010. It aims to encourage people to read and write short stories. To find out more, click here.

I belong to a group of expat writers called Writers Abroad. We have decided to publish an anthology of short stories about expat life to support NSSW. There’s no prize or payment (but no entry fee either), simply the glory of seeing your story in print if it’s selected. To find out more about Writers Abroad, click here.

If you decide to submit a story, please follow the submission guidelines carefully (see below and on the Writers Abroad site). And please don’t send your stories to me – the submission guidelines state clearly how to do it.

We hope you’ll have a go and best of luck.

Writers Abroad Anthology – Call For Submissions Call for Short Stories – in support of National Short Story WeekOrganised by Writers AbroadNational Short Story Week ( will take place during the week 22nd – 28th November. In support of the event, Writers Abroad will be publishing an anthology of short stories.Title: ‘Writers Abroad’Theme: Short Stories on any aspect of Expat Life, the pains and the pleasure.Contributions: From Expat writers (either currently an Expat or previously an Expat)Word Count: Anything up to 2,500 words. Submissions can be flash fiction i.e up to 500 words or short stories up to 2,500. Word count does not include the title.Submission and Entry Rules:

  • All stories must be previously unpublished
  • Submissions should be received by midnight Friday 15th October 2010
  • Submissions must be in English
  • References to porn or racism will not be accepted
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in either Word or RTF format (No DOCX or other format will be accepted).
  • The approximate word count should be inserted at the end of the story
  • Author name and story title should be placed in the left header of the document and page numbers in the right footer
  • Manuscripts should be presented with double spacing and Times New Roman Font.
  • Submissions are by email only to – in the subject line please quote ‘Writers Abroad submission’ and provide your contact details and story title in the body of the email
  • Entries are free, only one entry per author plus a short bio of 30 words
  • Successful authors will be informed within two weeks of the closing date
  • It will not be possible to provide feedback on stories but successful stories will be edited and authors may be required to undertake minor changes for publication purposes

Copyright will remain with the author and the stories will be published in an anthology in a number of formats.



  1. I am a Graphic Designer and third year degree student based in Bristol, UK. I have spent some years travelling and living abroad in USA, Australia, Asia and Canada and so decided to focus my final self-directed design work on ‘Expats and Living Abroad’.

    I am currently inviting expats to participate in my project by answering a short online questionnaire on my blog: The results of the survey as well as interviews which I plan to carry out with expats will form the basis for my study over the next 6 months. Interested parties can sign up to receive updates on the project and can even be part of a review panel for design solutions I propose.

    If you would like to take part or think this may be of interest to your readers I would be really grateful if you could add it to your website or suggest where I could post an entry about it.

    Many thanks, best regards
    Sam Barber


    • Hi Sam, thanks for stopping by. I’ll forward this to other expats of my acquaintance. Do you have a short graphic link direct to your survey that I could paste into the sidebar on my site?


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