TIENS! Magazine 2nd issue now published

Just a short post to say that the second issue of TIENS! online magazine is now out. This free magazine aims to introduce the best of southwest France to anyone who is interested in this part of France and to reveal some little-known aspects to those who already know it well. [Note: this magazine is no longer published.]

TIENS! includes not only words and pictures but also sounds – for example, traditional French folk music, interviews with the locals and the hubbub of fêtes and fairs. So don’t forget to turn on the sound if you go to look at it.

TIENS! is published quarterly. The first issue came out in December 2010. The Spring 2011 issue contains my article about the transhumance (migration of herds to their summer pastures) in the Aubrac and some of my photos. It also includes a sound clip I recorded of the incredibly noisy cowbells with which the Aubrac cows are decked.

As well as that, there are articles about asparagus, Biarritz and an interview with an elderly wainwright who provides his reminiscences. In addition, there are recipes and useful links and addresses.

I’m sure you will agree that TIENS! is beautifully produced. Perry Taylor, one of the editors, formerly worked in advertising and now also produces wryly humorous cartoons about French life.

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  1. This does look great – thanks for the link, Vanessa. How could anyone resist those come-to-read cow bells?! What fun.


    • Thanks, Deborah. Amazing what one can do these days with new technology. And those cow bells – I love them, noisy though they are. We often walk in the Auvergne, where there are cows aplenty, and it’s one of the most evocative sounds I know.


  2. Thanks very much. The sound effects are good, aren’t they? I can’t claim that all the photos were mine – Perry had to supplement my less than perfect offerings with other images – but I was pleased that he could include the sound clip.


  3. Lovely article Vanessa in TIENS! Vanessa! You’re right about the cows having Walt Disney eyes. Beautiful photos and very nice sound effects too. Well done!


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