Don’t miss the chance to contribute to a new anthology

Sorry, entry is now closed for this year, but look out for next year’s anthology, for which we will be looking for submissions.

My online writing group, Writers Abroad, will be publishing its second anthology in October this year. Entitled Foreign Flavours, it will be a tastebud-tantalising hotpot of non-fiction articles and fictional short stories about food, drink and cooking in far-flung places.

You are eligible to contribute if you are, or have been, an ex-pat. Submission is free – one submission only per person, either fiction or non-fiction – and the closing date is midnight on 9th September 2011 (that date is also my birthday, if you’re thinking of sending me a card).

There is no payment or prize for authors, but you’ll experience the satisfaction of seeing your work in print if it’s accepted. The anthology will be published as a free ebook and as a printed version. As with last year’s anthology, all profits from the printed version will go to The Book Bus, a charity that promotes literacy among children in Africa and South America. So you’ll also get a nice warm glow from knowing that you are contributing to a good cause.

Even if you are not eligible to submit, you can support this worthy cause by buying a copy or several when it’s published. Perfect for Christmas presents. I will give more details nearer the time.

To find out more and read the submission guidelines, click here.

To find out more about Writers Abroad and access our Anthology of Short Stories 2010 click here.


    • I do hope you’ll submit something – you must have plenty of food-related experiences in France that could be turned into either a fictional or a non-fictional piece. Or from Ireland, for that matter, where I understand you lived before moving to France.


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