A Change of Name

I’ve decided to change the name of my blog as of now. Formerly it was ‘A writer’s lot in France’. Henceforth it will be called ‘Life on La Lune’.  Why change? Several reasons – please read on.

First, we live in a place with a wonderful and intriguing name – La Lune (nominally, the moon). The origins of the name are most unlikely to have anything to do with the moon. But why not make use of such an unusual name? I’ll be posting soon about my theories on the real origins of this place name.

Second, although it’s true that I am a writer in France I don’t actually live in the Lot Département. We’re not far away – only a few kilometres – but people expect this blog to be about life in Lot. Actually, I was using ‘lot’ in the sense of destiny. Had I lived in Lot, it would have been a nice pun. But I don’t want to confuse people.

Finally, after more than 18 months of blogging, I feel the need for a change. This is the story of my life: I can’t keep still for long. Being a writer, I also prefer the alliteration of the new title.

Rest assured, those of you who follow my blog regularly – and I really am grateful for your comments and support – that I don’t intend to change the style, content or frequency of my posts.

Also, the blog’s URL (Internet address) will remain the same, so there is nothing you need do if you are a subscriber.

I’ll be very interested in your thoughts about the change of name. I can easily change it back if it’s not popular.

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  1. I’ve only been following you for a short while so I’m not particularly invested – but I think it’s a lovely name.


    • Thank you. It’s certainly an unusual name but it’s unlikely to have much to do with the moon. I’ll be posting soon on my theories about the origins of the name.


  2. I love the new name. You’re right, a little change here and there keeps life interesting. Looking forward to reading your continuing observations, accounts and assorted adventures!


    • Thanks, Steph. I’m glad you like it. I can’t help it – I have to change things. I’m always rearranging the furniture, the kitchen cupboards, whatever. The content and style will stay largely the same, though.


  3. Name change is fine but clicking on the headline of the piece no longer links me through. I get an error message.


    • Thanks for letting me know. Very sorry about this. I’ve obviously done something wrong, so bear with me while I sort it out. I think I know what it is, but please let me know if you have any continuing problems with future posts.


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