Opportunity to Contribute to a New Expat Anthology

My online, expat writers’ group, Writers Abroad, will be publishing its third anthology this year, Foreign Encounters. We are seeking submissions of short stories, non-fiction pieces and poetry on the general theme of relationships around the world. Contributors must be expats or former expats. The anthology will be print-published and later available as an e-book.

Author, Julia Gregson, whose best-selling novel East of the Sun won the prestigious Prince Maurice Prize, has kindly agreed to write the foreword to the anthology.

This year Writers Abroad will be donating all profits made to charity, Books Abroad. Books Abroad believes that education is required to solve the world’s problems and is therefore helping educate school children worldwide by providing free, carefully-chosen school books. Books Abroad is currently working in 84 countries and serving 977 educational establishments. This includes Africa, Asia, Central & Southern America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

To read the submission guidelines, go to the Writers Abroad website and click on the submissions link on the home page.

There you can also find information about our two previous anthologies, Writers Abroad Anthology 2010 and Foreign Flavours, published in 2011.

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