Foreign Encounters, a New Anthology from Writers Abroad

Writers Abroad, the online writing group for ex-pat writers I belong to, is publishing a new anthology today, entitled Foreign Encounters. It contains short stories, non-fiction and poems by writers who are, or have been, ex-pats. They live in, or have written about, more than 50 countries across all continents.

An encounter can be a chance meeting, a planned get-together or even a confrontation. This collection features a variety of foreign encounters: with family, friends, lovers, animals, cultures, or just with one’s own prejudices and preconceptions.

Foreign Encounters is the third anthology published by Writers Abroad. Author Julia Gregson, a former ex-pat whose bestselling novel East of the Sun won the Prince Maurice Prize for romantic fiction, has written the foreword.

Following a call for submissions, we received 231 contributions of which we selected 95 for the anthology. They include 16 poems, 38 short stories and 41 non-fiction articles. Since Writers Abroad is a virtual writers’ group, all the work to produce Foreign Encounters was done online. This was a real team effort. Every member had a part in producing it.  

I contributed two pieces: a short story set in World War I, entitled ‘Bertie’s Buttons’; and a non-fiction piece, entitled ‘Monsieur C’, about a local character.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Books Abroad, a charity which coordinates the donation of free books for schools throughout the world, believing that education is a crucial aspect of human progress. The charity celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and has supplied over 1,600 schools with desperately-needed books.

Foreign Encounters is available from print-on-demand online publisher Lulu from today, Wednesday 24th October, price €9.99 (approximately £8.00).

Writers Abroad was founded in 2009. It provides an online forum for ex-pat writers to exchange ideas, views and news on writing and to offer support and constructive feedback on each other’s work. To find out more and for a complete list of contributions, please go to the Writers Abroad website.

So if you need an idea for a cracking good Christmas present…

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About nessafrance

We moved to an 18th-century farmhouse in SW France in 1997. I'm fascinated by French history, rural traditions and customs. I also write historical novels and short stories.
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9 Responses to Foreign Encounters, a New Anthology from Writers Abroad

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  2. Kate Swaffer says:

    No harm in posting a blog about it on my site too… every bit helps so I’ll probably re-blog this when the time seems right if that’s ok?


  3. pfornari says:

    We’re working on a book launch in Dhaka – I have ordered twenty-five copies and hope they arrive!


    • nessafrance says:

      That’s great, Paola! I hope they arrive too – could be a bit tricky if they don’t. But if not you can always do a reading and whet people’s appetites so they order it themselves.


  4. Evelyn says:

    Looking forward to the book launch in Nov. I hadn’t thought about doing a blog post…good idea!


  5. MarinaSofia says:

    Sounds like my kind of book (as an expat myself). Will be sure to read… and maybe get involved next edition!


    • nessafrance says:

      Oh, I do hope you will submit something to our next one – assuming we do one, but we have for the past 3 years. I always post the call for submissions on this blog so look out for it next spring.


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