Unless otherwise indicated, the photographs featured on this blog have been taken by me and are Copyright © Vanessa Couchman. They may not be reproduced without my permission, which I am happy to grant for non-commercial purposes, provided I am credited as the photographer, with a link to this blog.

For commercial purposes, please contact me on vanessa [dot] couchman [at] nordnet [dot] fr to discuss fee rates and to obtain high resolution images, which are available for most of the photos on this blog. They are reproduced here in compressed format.


5 Responses to Photographs

  1. Joanna says:

    I loved the castanet and nearby villages
    I’m looking to invest in property’s in this area so any info on property’s to view for sale would be much appreciated



  2. Jane says:

    I was told recently that bamboo (or something similar) is a great and fast growing plant to use as a screen between gardens and neighbours/road/car spacing, here in southwest France. Unfortunately that was as much information as I got. Do you have any advice you could share ( the plants French name, when to plant …)? Thanks


  3. Chitra Parpia says:

    Vanessa love your blog…ESP the details of the walking tours ….. Do u research these walks or are these organized by local historians ….I am hoping to visit Aveyron next fall and collecting info …we. Will drive with overnight halts in some choices villages ….most of my info is fron Thirza Vallois book on Aveyron


    • nessafrance says:

      Thank you for your comment and for your kind words about the blog. The walks are organised by different people, mostly just local people with an interest in history. I hope you enjoy your visit. We are actually in the next département (county) but Aveyron is not far away.


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