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Appetising Return to Belcastel

Last time, I wrote about a ghostly story linked to the château de Belcastel. This week, we had the opportunity to make a return visit to this plus beau village in Aveyron. Not only does it occupy a delightful setting … Continue reading

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Halloween Traditions, Ghosts and Witches in France

I don’t need to tell you what today is. Halloween has become more commercialised in recent years in France and traditions such as trick-or-treating have taken root. I hope we live far enough off the beaten track not to encounter … Continue reading

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Every Château Tells a Story: #10 Le Château de Belcastel

Although I have written about Belcastel, in Aveyron, I haven’t devoted much space to the château. Its story is that of a phoenix raised from the ashes. The fortress could so easily have crumbled into a pile of stone, had … Continue reading

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Belcastel Revisited

Being rather occupied for various reasons at the moment, I’ll just share with you some shots of Belcastel in the Aveyron Département. I took these during les journées du patrimoine recently when, for once, we decided to be tourists in our … Continue reading

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France’s Most Beautiful Villages – Plus Beaux Villages

France has more than its fair share of picturesque villages. Some of them are designated l’un des plus beaux villages de France (one of the most beautiful villages of France). Within a 50 km radius of us I have counted … Continue reading

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Belcastel: one of the most beautiful villages in France

It’s cold, wet and miserable this week when we should be basking in wall-to-wall sunshine. So much for the person who said this summer would be hotter than 2003. And the swimming pool has gone green again. So to cheer … Continue reading

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