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Unwanted Visitors and SW France Weather May 2015

I stepped off the plane at Toulouse on Wednesday evening into a different season. During a brief business visit to London, it was chilly and blustery. Back in SW France, summer had suddenly arrived with temperatures well into the thirties … Continue reading

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A Grave Issue

Sorry; I couldn’t resist the pun. Our local commune’s Bulletin Municipal (annual report) contains a lot of practical information. This year’s included an article about regulations relating to cemeteries. Now, none of us wants to dwell on our mortality but … Continue reading

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Restoring French Cultural Heritage

Sorry, folks, I got the date of the fête wrong below. It’s indeed a Sunday but the date is 24th June, not 26th, as I originally wrote. Note to self: don’t write posts after a couple of glasses of wine. I … Continue reading

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Giving Something Back: La Chapelle de Teysserolles

We spent a terrific, if exhausting, day yesterday, helping with the clearing-up operation at the Chapelle de Teysserolles. This 16th-century chapel and the surrounding graveyard are in a very poor condition. Local people have set up an association to raise money … Continue reading

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Saving a sacred site: la Chapelle de Teysserolles

The fête season has started with a vengeance. Posters advertising local events are attached to every signpost and telegraph pole. You have only to park somewhere for five minutes to find a sheaf of flyers under the windscreen wiper when you … Continue reading

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