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The Good French Pedestrian

Much has been written – some of it by me – about driving in France, including responsibilities at the wheel and penalties for infractions. Much less is written about pedestrians and how they should behave. A recent story in The … Continue reading

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Don’t Hold Your Breath – the French Breathalyser Saga

The word “couac” (false note or mistake) is being bandied about a lot in the French press. The hapless Premier Ministre, Jean-Marc Ayrault is making his fair share of them at the moment. Yesterday he apparently endorsed a return to … Continue reading

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On the road: driving with – or sometimes without – a French licence

When we moved to France in 1997, we had to give in our UK driving licences to the Préfecture and apply for new French permis de conduire. I did feel a twinge of regret at having to hand over my licence … Continue reading

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