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Wild Boar

When we moved here in 1997, it was not uncommon to see whole troupes of these animals, of up to 20 individuals. We have also seen the occasional lone male. Since then, our sightings of them have been much rarer. … Continue reading

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You don’t often see them, since they are shy creatures and hide in the long grass. But at this time of year, once the hay has been cut, you’re more likely to see a hare around here. I love our rare … Continue reading

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Hunting with Fireworks

Last Sunday morning, we heard a lot of banging and crackling going on. Thinking that it was the children at the farm up the hill having a birthday party, the SF walked up to investigate. However, it wasn’t what we … Continue reading

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Maybe la chasse isn’t such a bad thing…

Went outside this morning to check on any damage after the 120km/hour tempest last night. Fortunately, nothing to report except a few sticks down. What I did find, though, was that the deer had, yet again, made a meal out … Continue reading

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