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Tree Pests: Pine Processionary Caterpillars

I trained my binoculars on the tree and zoomed in. My suspicions were confirmed. There was no doubt that the beginnings of a white cocoon about halfway up were the work of pine processionary caterpillars. If you look closely, you … Continue reading

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Badgers in the Bush?

Like most people, we have a part of our garden of which we are less than proud. It’s where we dump grass cuttings, leaves and other garden rubbish that we don’t put in the compost bins. Fortunately, it’s shielded by … Continue reading

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Answer to Last Week’s Conundrum: Potter Wasps

Last week I set a conundrum: what do these photos represent? Actually, it wasn’t much of a conundrum, since Caroline got it within five minutes of my posting. I shall have to come up with some more difficult ones for … Continue reading

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A Walk Back in Time on the Saint-Antonin Causse

Last Saturday night’s thunderstorm caused us little bother – except for water seeping under the kitchen door as usual – and cleared the air. In parts of Aveyron, we hear, the damage was considerable and a church spire is reported … Continue reading

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Getting a Buzz(ard)

This weekend, thank goodness, the weather bucked the trend and we experienced luminous sunshine and improbably blue skies from dawn till dusk. We sat outside to eat lunch on both days – a rare event this year – and attacked … Continue reading

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Nature Comes Back to Life

I am constantly amazed at nature’s ability for regeneration. Following the longest and most rigorous cold snap in 25 years, everything outside looked dead. I gazed out glumly on the brown, seared leaves of my shrubs and anticipated having to … Continue reading

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White birds and weather August 2011

It’s already 6th September and the SF (Statistics Freak, aka my husband) is going frantic because I haven’t yet posted up the weather update for August. Before I do, I’ll share with you the image above that I took a … Continue reading

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I meet one of my readers at Espinas

  This summer’s weekly walks at Espinas got off to a good start last Wednesday with René leading. I have written about Espinas on these pages before (click here). The picture above shows one of the local sights. The man wearing the … Continue reading

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Flaming June

‘Why is the weather so bad in SW France?’ This was the plaintive search term that someone entered into Google to land on my blog yesterday. You can sense the desperation behind it, with which I identify wholeheartedly. I wish … Continue reading

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Weather in southwest France: May 2010 update

If April 2010 was the sunniest April in southwest France in 12 years, May had the worst weather since 1998, says A writer’s lot in France. Continue reading

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How to garden in France: getting started

Gardening in southwest France is not always easy, says A writer’s lot in France, but following a few simple rules will help you create the garden you want. Continue reading

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A small village with a big heart in southwest France

  There’s a tiny village in this corner of southwest France called Espinas. Perched on a hilltop amid glorious rolling countryside, it appears to be the typical sleepy French hamlet as you drive through. The dog lying in the road … Continue reading

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Signs of spring

The signs of spring are tentatively appearing, despite the cold and gloomy winter and today’s near-gale force winds and driving rain. Late though they are this year, cowslips now carpet the fields and there are vibrant patches of violets in … Continue reading

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