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Béret Nice

Along with the Eiffel Tower, the baguette and the Citroën 2CV, the béret has become a (caricatured) symbol of French culture. Thus, it was adopted by people like Ernest Hemingway, who wanted to look French even if they weren’t – … Continue reading

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Five Museums in SW France You Must Visit

If you read Life on La Lune regularly, you’ll know I’m a history girl. And there’s plenty of it around in our part of France if you just scratch the surface. Also, many museums in France open for free on … Continue reading

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Pyrenean Excursion

Looming through the mist, the majestic, snow-capped peaks of the Pyrénées took on a sharper definition as we approached. The morning sun touched the crests with pink and gold, like cherubim in some Baroque painting. We were on our way to … Continue reading

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