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What Happens to Former French Presidents?

  For the past two weeks, the spotlight has inevitably been on François Hollande, France’s new socialist president. Last Tuesday, his first day in office, was not entirely happy: he got soaked during his triumphal progress, his plane was struck by … Continue reading

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The French Presidential Elections 2012

  This post was written two weeks ago on 21st April. Anyone looking at it now will realise that it has been superseded by the news at 20h00 6th May that François Hollande is most likely to be France’s next president. Bonne … Continue reading

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French women forbidden to wear trousers – it’s official

French women are forbidden to wear trousers under a law passed more than 200 years ago and never repealed. Where does this leave the elegant wife of President Sarkozy, asks A writer’s lot in France? Continue reading

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