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A Film Record of an Aveyron Family Post-WWII

Just after WWII, Aveyron was a different country from much of France. It took a long time to get there from anywhere else, people spoke a different language and the way of life had existed for centuries. Change was happening, … Continue reading

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French Flavours #2: B is for lou Bajanac

In my A-Z of traditional French recipes, I’m trying to focus on those that originated in southwest France, where we live. So I’ve eschewed boeuf à la Bourgignonne or blanquette de veau, delicious though they are. Surprisingly, I found a … Continue reading

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Every Château Tells a Story #11: Le Château de Mazerolles, Aveyron

As you round a hairpin bend just before the hamlet of Mazerolles, you get a breath-taking view of Najac across the valley, crowned by its ruined château (pictured below). This must have greeted the chatelains of Mazerolles (above) every morning … Continue reading

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Every Château has a Story #3: Le Château de Caylus

  Very little remains of this château, except for a square tower in surprisingly good condition and parts of the original ramparts. And yet, in its heyday, le château de Caylus had dominion over a large swathe of the surrounding … Continue reading

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Najac Revisited – and a Couple of Conundrums for You

Last Saturday and Sunday were journées du patrimoine (heritage days) not only here in France but also across Europe. Thousands of historic sites throughout France opened their doors, many of them free, and put on associated events and entertainment. We … Continue reading

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L’Abbaye de Beaulieu – A Hidden Gem

Today, our walking group chose a route that took in the Abbaye de Beaulieu, a magnificent Cistercian abbey that sits in splendid isolation alongside the River Seye. We walked along paths in woods carpeted with snowdrops behind the abbey and negotiated … Continue reading

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Villefranche de Rouergue: Past Glories

It’s amazing how much you learn about a place you thought you knew, simply by taking the time to walk around it. We live about 25 kilometres from Villefranche de Rouergue in Aveyron and have shopped there regularly for 14 years. … Continue reading

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