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Customer Service (?) in France

I know, I know. I’ve blogged about this before and I will be marked down as a whingeing Brit. But I have to get it off my chest. The concept of customer service is, alas, in its infancy in France.

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Shopping in France #4: local shops vs supermarkets

Many small French villages still have their own shop, but they are losing out to the creeping tide of faceless supermarkets. Continue reading

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Shopping in France #3: get thee to a quincaillerie

[Have just realised that I spelt quincaillerie in three different ways in this post, only one of them correct. Having checked in the Collins Robert, I’ve now amended.] What is a quincaillerie? In England, we would call it an ironmonger’s, … Continue reading

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Shopping in France # 2: Customer service

Speak to any British (and probably any American) expat in France and they will unanimously tell you that customer service in France often leaves a lot to be desired.

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Shopping in France # 1: open all hours?

  If you thought this post was going to be about shopping for haute couture or Louis Vuitton, then don’t bother to read on. Inspired (if that’s the word) by a visit to our local Hyper U supermarket today, I wanted … Continue reading

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