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Vaour and the Templars

  Situated on the edge of the former royal Forêt de Grésigne, the town of Vaour conveys a strong sense of history. This is not surprising, since traces of Neolithic tombs and later occupation can be found in the forest. … Continue reading

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Inside le Château de Najac

At least a dozen years have elapsed since I visited the interior of the ruined château de Najac in Aveyron. This imposing 13th-century fortress is a landmark for miles around, best seen from the opposite slope on a misty autumn … Continue reading

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Every Château Tells a Story #2: Le Château de Najac

  On autumn mornings, it rises out of the mist, perched on top of its pinnacle; while on summer evenings, it seems to float in the sky, lit from below. The fortress is a landmark for miles around, standing sentinel … Continue reading

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Of Knights, Damsels and Dragons

I’ve always been rather fond of myths and legends. Nowadays, I try to justify this penchant by seeking their historical origins. But I still enjoy a good story. Imagine my satisfaction when I discovered that we have one of our … Continue reading

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Deserted French Village

A dilapidated church and some crumbling ruins in the process of restoration are all that is left of the village of Saint-Amans, set in the woods between Caylus and Saint-Antonin. A few mounds of stone hint at the former dwellings … Continue reading

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